Autumn Bluff Beauty

So I have been MIA for the last week, it’s been a busy week with not a whole lot of time to sit down and blog, let alone sit down and craft. However, thanks to some beautiful weather here in Southeast Minnesota, and the autumn colors finally coming ’round to visit, I did accomplish something on my to-do list.

So what’s kept me so busy? Well, October is a busy month full of birthdays and anniversaries and of course, autumn!

Tuesday was my brother-in-law’s birthday, which I did not attend, due to a recent falling out, but my husband, father-in-law, and mother-in-law all went to supper and to have a housewarming type deal for my brother-in-law. It was apparently a good time, they went to Famous Dave’s (which, really, you can’t go wrong there) and they had cake and everyone got to see my brother-in-law’s girlfriend’s kids. So that was good. In the meantime, I had the whole house to myself to just sit in silence, which is not something that I get to do very often. I don’t even really remember if I played any music, but I do know that there wasn’t any sound aside from the occasional barking from the dogs due to whatever it is that they decide to bark at (seriously, I think they just like to bark. 98% of the time there isn’t a damned thing out of the window that they’re barking at). It was really nice and something that I really need to do more often.

Wednesday was mine and Dain’s 3 year wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe that it was already three years ago, but I couldn’t be happier. I’ve found somebody who loves me for all of my quirks and problems and doesn’t think that I should just drop dead. We spent the day with our friend who officiated our wedding, she happens to be one of our very best friends and one of the few people who will actually make time for us out of their lives. After we spent time with her, we spent time with our other best friend who happened to be in town for a few days. It was really great to see him, like it always is. While we didn’t get to do anything extraordinary, we got to spend it with some of our best friends and wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was a really great way to spend our anniversary.

Thursday was my sister-in-law’s birthday. However, we did not get together with her as she lives on the East coast, BUT! we spent the afternoon out and about taking pictures in one of the most beautiful spots in the entire country. I might be biased because I live here, but I’ve lived a handful of other places that gloat that they’re the “Most Beautiful Place In America” and they’ve got nothing on this area. We went out armed with two 35mm cameras and my digital point-and-shoot and only got about 1/8th of the way into the cemetery (yes, yes. Trust me, it’s gorgeous) before both 35mm cameras were out of film, and because we’re awesome, we didn’t bring any extra film (not to mention the second camera that we brought, my Holga, wouldn’t have been able to have been used even if we did bring extra film because I need either a dark room or a changing bag because you can’t wind the film, and it’s not technically made for 35mm). We continued on in a little ways and took a bunch of shots with the digital. We haven’t gotten the film developed yet (because the pricing is outrageous and our budget is capped for the month) but hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have the film processed and ready to post.

In the meantime, however, here are the digital photos that we took! I don’t remember all of what I took and all of what Dain took, but it’s about 50/50, so he gets credit. I say that the shots that he took are better (the few that I remember him taking) and he says that the shots that I took (that he remembers) are better. So we’re at a stalemate. I hope you all enjoy!

I am really excited to get back into creating things and I’m even more excited for Hallowe’en. Only 11 more days after today! Hell yeah!