wpBoomstick Creations was started out of a love for knitting and crocheting. I started out by making dishcloths and have since continued to learn and expand my knowledge of knitting and crochet. I can do just about anything from dishcloths and hats to afgans and sweaters! I’m always looking for my next challenge to take on head first. Is there something you want made that you don’t see here? Send me an email: boomstick.creations (@) gmail (.) com or fill out the form below and I’ll give you a quote!

10250115_10152118953601706_6237051894928241011_nI am a kooky, late 20-something with Marfan Syndrome who likes to read, attempt to paint on occasion and spend time with my husband Dain and our dog Pete. I’m known as “The Girl With The Hearse” and my husband has been “The Hearse Kid” since he was in high school. I love autumn and Halloween and would gladly take an autumn day over any other kind of day or weather that you could ever present me with. I love all animals and have a deep love for fried foods and RedBull. I’m happiest when I’m at home or outside crafting or out walking or riding my bike.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. you have a HEARSE????? 🙂


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